Paddle Classic (v2)

Paddle Gateway is a powerful solution for companies looking to optimize their payments, tax, and subscription processes. Designed to support both B2B and B2C businesses worldwide, Paddle Gateway helps companies offload operational complexities so they can focus on growth.

Paddle Gateway offers custom pricing based on an ROI assessment, with packages designed to fit your business model, products, and growth stage. They also offer optional premium services and success management, as well as custom migration services and implementation support. For businesses that prefer a pay-as-you-go model, Paddle Gateway charges 5% + 50¢ per transaction.

Paddle Checkout Gateway for WHMCS is a powerful solution that allows you to easily integrate Paddle Gateway into your WHMCS billing system. With this gateway, you can take advantage of all the powerful features including;

  • Subscription and one-time payments: This allows you to offer flexible payment options to your customers.
  • Link subscription plans with WHMCS products: This makes it easy to manage your subscription plans and products within WHMCS.
  • Support for multiple payment methods: The gateway supports credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, providing your customers with a range of payment options.
  • Webhook/callbacks: This ensures that you are always up-to-date with the status of your transactions.
  • Include or exclude VAT/GST in your pricing: You can choose whether the VAT/GST is paid by the buyer or the merchant.
  • Support for the latest versions of WHMCS and PHP 8.1: The gateway is optimized for the latest versions of WHMCS and PHP, ensuring smooth and seamless integration with your billing system.
  • Lifetime updates: You will receive free updates for the lifetime of your subscription, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features and improvements.
  • Premium support: Access to premium support, providing you with assistance whenever you need it.

The Paddle Checkout Gateway for WHMCS is available for a monthly subscription fee of only $6.25. Revolutionize your payments and subscriptions with our Paddle Checkout Gateway for WHMCS. With its unique and highly demanded features, our gateway is the perfect solution for companies looking to grow their business. Don’t wait – purchase our Paddle Checkout Gateway for WHMCS today!

What’s in the V2 update

This module consists of an addon and gateway module which will work together to do the following:
1- Link WHMCS Products with Paddle Subscriptions plans
2- Ability for clients to pay via subscription method
3- Managed subscriptions (Client area)
4- Update subscription (Upgrade/downgrade)

How to Install

1- Download module from your account
2- Extract download zip file in WHMCS Root Directory

How to activate Addon Module

1- Go to System Settings > Addon Modules – Look for Paddle > Activate
2- After activation > Click Configure >Enter Your License Key obtained from your iBeeHost Account
3- Click Save Changes

How to link WHMCS product with Paddle subscription plan

1- System Settings > Products/Services
2- Edit your desired product
3- On edit product page switch to “Paddle Plan Tab”
4- Enter your Paddle Plan ID & click “Link Paddle Plan”

How to activate Paddle Gateway

1- Go to “System Settings” then choose ‘Payment Gateways. Afterward, find ‘Paddle’ and press configure icon
1.a- Enter your “Paddle Vendor ID”
1.b- Enter your “Paddle Auth Code API Key”
1.c- Enter your “Logo URL” if applicable
1.d- Tick “Include in Price”, if applicable (Please ensure it matches with your Paddle Account VAT settings)
1.e- Enter your “Public Key” (It is required in order to receive Webhooks/callbacks)
1.f- Enter your License Key
1.g- In “Covert to for Processing” Select the currency of your Paddle Account
1.h- Click Save Changes


Charged Yearly
$ 6
Per Month
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Install & Setup


Charged Once
$ 999 For Lifetime
  • Premium Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Install & Setup
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