FastSpring Gateway

 FastSpring is a global payment processing and service platform that helps businesses accept payments from customers all over the world. With FastSpring, you can offer localized payment methods and currencies, intelligent payment routing, subscription management, global tax collection and remittance, and more.

FastSpring global payment system automatically routes payments to the most appropriate payment gateway based on the customer’s location. If a payment fails on the first attempt, the system will try again using a secondary gateway — all without any intervention from you or your support team.

FastSpring also offers a robust set of subscription management tools. You can easily set up free trials, tiered pricing, and flexible billing cycles to meet the needs of your customers. And with FastSpring handling the collection and remittance of all sales taxes on your behalf, you can focus on growing your business.

FastSpring offers two pricing options: An 8.9% fee of the total transactions’ value or a 5.9% fee of the total transactions’ value plus 95 cents for each processed transaction.

Now, with our FastSpring Checkout Payment Gateway for the WHMCS billing system, you can easily integrate FastSpring’s powerful payment processing capabilities into your WHMCS billing system. This allows you to offer your customers a seamless checkout experience while taking advantage of all the features and benefits of FastSpring.

Some of the key features of our FastSpring Checkout Payment Gateway for the WHMCS billing system include:

  • Payment Gateway: Accept payments from customers all over the world using a variety of localized payment methods and currencies.
  • Sandbox Mode: Test your payment environment before going live to ensure everything is working as expected.
  • Subscriptions/One-time Payments: Offer your customers the flexibility to choose between subscription or one-time payments.
  • Webhooks: Receive real-time notifications about important events such as successful payments or subscription cancellations.
  • Auto Subscription Update/Cancel: Allow your customers to easily update or cancel their subscriptions from within their accounts.
  • Ability to Refund payment within WHMCS: Process refunds directly from within your WHMCS billing system for added convenience.
  • Support for Latest WHMCS and PHP: Stay up-to-date with the latest versions of WHMCS and PHP for maximum compatibility and performance.
  • Lifetime Updates: Receive free updates for the lifetime of your subscription to ensure you always have access to the latest features and improvements.
  • Premium Support: Get access to expert support to help you resolve any issues or answer any questions you may have.

The price for our module is $6.25/month, plus a $25 setup fee.

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use global payment processing solution for your WHMCS billing system, look no further than FastSpring Checkout Payment Gateway from iBeeHost. With its powerful features and competitive pricing, it’s the perfect choice for businesses looking to streamline their payment processing and grow their revenue.

Don’t wait – get started with FastSpring Checkout Payment Gateway from iBeeHost today!

Install and Configure

  1. Login to
  2. Go to My Services > Payment Gateways > Downloads (left sidebar)
  3. Download Module
  4. Upload and extract the module in <Root WHMCS Directory>/
  5. Login to your WHMCS admin area. Click “System Settings” then choose ‘Payment Gateways’. Afterward, find ‘FastSpring’ and press configure icon
    • Enter your “API Username”
    • Enter your “API Password”
    • Enter your “FastSpring Product Path” (One-time Product)
    • Enter your “FastSpring Subscription Path” (One-time Subscription)
    • Enter your “FastSpring Store Username”
    • Enter your “FastSpring Popup Store Name”
    • Enter your License Key
    • Set “Covert to for Processing” if applicable

Click Save Changes


Charged Yearly
$ 6
Per Month
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Install & Setup


Charged Once
$ 999 For Lifetime
  • Premium Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Install & Setup
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