Addon Modules

Here, you will find all WHMCS Addon modules we have to offer.

Payment Gateway Manager

With Gateway Manager, you can effortlessly handle payment gateways for each individual customer, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process.  Key features of Gateway Manager include: Manage Gateways for Each Customer: With Gateway Manager, you have the ability to customize payment gateways for every customer individually. This flexibility allows you to tailor the payment options …

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Block VPN Users

Fed up with increasing fraudulent orders and chargebacks? You are not alone! Stolen credit cards are being used to make payments, causing headaches for businesses and consumers alike. Fortunately, there is a solution to this growing problem: Block VPN Users is a powerful product designed for users of the WHMCS billing system. It offers a …

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WHMCS Firewall

Businesses face a constant threat from fraudulent activities linked to chargebacks due to stolen credit card information, the risks associated with online transactions can be significant. That’s why it’s essential to have a powerful fraud prevention solution in place to protect your business. Enter WHMCS Firewall, the ultimate fraud prevention solution for businesses using the …

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Mass Promo Codes

Looking for a hassle-free solution to generate and manage promotional codes within your WHMCS billing system? Introducing Mass Promo Codes by iBeeHost, a powerful module designed to simplify the process of generating and managing promo codes in bulk. With a range of features tailored to meet your needs, this module is the ultimate solution for …

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